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fave adventure time couples <3 (human au ahahah)


Science fact! There is a species of kangaroo capable of jumping higher than the average house.
This is due in part to the kangaroo’s hind-legs and the fact that the average house cannot jump.


my entire life

My gender is pizza because everyone wants a piece of me




i will reblog this every time

I worked with a lady that came into work one day with no hair. No one mentioned it, no one talked about it. She was wearing a bandana so we all knew she was bald.

But I have ADD, and not so great control of my impulsiveness. Finally, near the end of the night I asked. “So… can I ask, what happened to your hairs?”

She smiled and hugged me. I was the only person with the cajones to ask. “My best friend is pregnant, already has a 4 yr old, and was diagnosed with cancer, and her boyfriend left her because it was too much. So I’ve been helping her out, being supportive. And I promised her if she started losing her hair I would shave my head too.”

“Last night she called me, crying because her hair was falling out in clumps. I told her I’d be there in 10 minutes. She shaved me first, then I her.”

It’s the most supportive thing she could think to do.

I just started crying.


Oh, no, of course, you’re right. My mistake.


Oh, no, of course, you’re right. My mistake.


this was probably one of the saddest moments of my childhood



*skips tutorial* how the fuck do you play this game